Women’s Weekender: Everything you need on your read, listen & binge list

Women’s Weekender: For everything you need on your read, listen & binge list

Crime, drama, deceit and murder. These are the themes that perpetually lure me in when I’m looking for a new read.

This week, I got all of this in Katherine Kovacic’ sensational mystery drama Just Murdered and Margaret Atwood’s exclusive short story, Two Scorched Men, released only on Scribd.

For my binge rec? All I can say is that I was left drooling after watching Netflix’s latest hit series, Bake Squad.

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Listen: Just Murdered – Katherine Kovacic (narrated by Geraldine Hakewill)

Were you a fan of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries? Well, get ready to explore the wonderful world of Peregrine Fisher.

Based on the screenplay by Deb Cox, and set in the 60s, Just Murdered is a buzzy new-release that builds on the franchise of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. Peregrine is no ordinary detective. She is witty, smart, confident and headstrong. When local murders happen in quick succession, Peregrine’s intuition must be called into action. 

Listen to it as an audiobook, narrated by Geraldine Hakewill, here on Scribd.

Listen: Two Scorched Men – Margaret Atwood

If you love Margaret Atwood, then you’ll be pleased to note she has an exclusive short story out now, released only on Scribd.

The story is told from the perspective of an unnamed narrator who shares the story about a pair of men in their 70s, in the south of France, after their combat during World War Two. 

The narrator’s voice is wry and at times, pretty funny. The story is partly taken from Atwood’s experience living in Provence, where she met two elders. John is a cynical Englishman, recovering from trauma in his own dark ways, and Francois is a relaxed, care-free Frenchman. The story weaves in Atwood’s thoughts on friendship and the power of memories in one’s past. 

An engrossing tale, worth carving out 51 minutes this afternoon to listen.

Listen to it here, on Scribd. 

Watch: Bake Squad 

You’ve probably been doing more baking during lockdown than you ever imagined. Why not sit down with some extraordinary baking feats, as seen on this Netflix Original series, Bake Squad, hosted by famous pastry chef and Momofuku Milk Bar’s confectionary mastermind, Christina Tosi.

The show aims to ‘make people’s dessert dreams come true.’ What does that mean? Well, there’s a team comprising of a pastry illusionist, a flavour fanatic, a chocolatier, and a cake decorator — all working against each other to have their individual cakes or desserts chosen by the end of each episode. 

Each episode, a guest arrives with a request — episode one sees a mother throwing a combined birthday party for two of her kids. What’s most enticing in this show are the incredible and luscious cakes we see being made. 

It’s now streaming on Netflix, so join in the fun and watch these spectacular desserts being made! 

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