Podcast: Self care, solidarity and how to lead in a crisis

Podcast: Self care, solidarity and how to lead in a crisis

The Women's Agenda Podcast
This week’s podcast has a different mood, as we dial in from three different locations.

Recorded on Wednesday, we share a little on how we’re feeling about the current crisis, and more on to the importance of considering self care and taking steps to look after yourself — an evolving topic that will come up week to week.

We also discuss and share some ideas that have been put forward by respected female leaders including Sam Mostyn regarding the need for a “single source of information”, and Dr Kirstin Ferguson, who shared brilliant tips via our leadership webinar on what’s needed from leadership during a crisis.

Articles discussed this week: 

It’s physical, not social distancing. Ramp up the connecting

Dr Kirstin Ferguson: We need extreme transparency and fearless honesty from leaders right now

Sam Mostyn calls for a “single source of truth” amid coronavirus crisis

Join Georgie Dent, Shivani Gopal and Angela Priestley for this discussion, recorded Wednesday the 18th March.

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