Gillette's take down of toxic masculinity paves brave new ground

Gillette’s take down of toxic masculinity traverses brave new ground in advertising

Some companies do their best to turn a blind eye to social reform while others gingerly attempt to enter the conversation through sense of obligation.

Others however–the brave ones – dive into the action head first; no regrets with a bold agenda to shift the status quo.

Razor brand, Gillette’s excellent short film combatting toxic masculinity lands its parent company Procter & Gamble decisively in this category.

The film traverses unique ground in advertising, highlighting incidences of casual sexism traditionally tolerated as the norm across western societies. Through a series of scenes, the viewer is confronted with how deeply entrenched gender inequalities really are, and how crucial #MeToo and subsequent movements have been in forcing us to change.

It uproots our acceptance of masculinity in its current form, calling on all men to do better and to recognise their part in a pervasive problem.

Unfortunately (though unsurprisingly) some people on social media aren’t happy that Gillette chose to deviate from its usual schtick of silky faces and wry smiles in the mirror.

Perhaps these guys need to take a look in the mirror themselves.

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